Cameron and I moved to Corvallis in 2013 after graduating from High School. We moved here to attend Oregon State University and have a love/hate relationship with this little college town. It’s a rural community that still feels very “Oregon” but lacks the diversity in dining and shopping that Portland has. It’s safe to say we won’t be making Corvallis our permanent home but we have gathered a few favorite places and recommendations during our years here. For reference we lived in the dorms our first year, close to campus our second, and moved into an apartment downtown for our third and fourth.

If you aren’t familiar with Oregon, Corvallis is along I5. Past Eugene and towards Portland if you are driving up from Northern California. For advice on what to wear, reference my Portland Guide since the climate is similar.

Tried and True Coffee

A slice of Portland in the middle of Corvallis! Tried and True is adorable (tiny!) and has the most delicious coffee served in beautiful mint ceramic cups. When we moved to Downtown Corvallis I was so happy to find this place and designate it as our neighborhood coffee shop. Truly we love the coffee and the staff here and will miss everyone when we move back to Portland.

Definitely stop by if you are in town for a Beaver game or graduation. Or even if you are driving up I5, its totally worth the stop!

Corvallis/Albany Farmers Market

One of the benefits of living in a farm town, is well, the farms! Local produce, flowers, and products (honey, nuts, lotion, etc.) can be found every Saturday morning at the Corvallis Farmers market. We love picking up the majority of our groceries here in the spring, summer, and early fall!

Wildlife Safari

This is something to do that isn’t actually in Corvallis but is nearby. The wildlife safari is located about an hour south of Eugene in Winston, Oregon and you can read a full review of our visit in this post. Definitely something fun to experience or check out as a pit stop on an I5 road trip! There are a ton of animals, check Groupon for a deal on tickets.

Laughing Planet

Perfect for vegans and non-vegans alike! Laughing Planet is just all around healthy and delicious. There are locations in Eugene, Corvallis, Bend, and Portland and I’ve never had a bad experience. Unsure of what to order? Just ask! The staff is always friendly and will find you something delicious to nom on.

Alley Gyros

Alley Gyros is great for a quick lunch! You have to know what to expect because its a hole in the wall that’s literally situated in the back of an alley, but the food is great. They offer lamb, chicken, and (my favorite!) falafel and there is a DIY toppings bar with an herb dressing that’s not to be missed. Menu items are around ten dollars and since this restaurant is small, make it a pit stop instead of a long visit. Everything I have ever had here has been delicious and I make the claim that it is the best greek food in Corvallis.

Happy Trails Records

The coolest little record shop and a great place to check out if you collect records or are looking for some vintage posters. We found both our vintage “Its A Small World” record and our 1970’s Star Wars poster here!

New Morning Bakery

The Frangelica (hazelnut) coffee, adorable seasonal sugar cookies, and herb bagel with garlic cream cheese are not to be missed. This place always strangely reminds me of “Central Perk” from the show Friends….#90’sVibes

The Ever Changing Graffiti Wall

This isn’t an official ‘thing” in Corvallis and you probably won’t find it listed on other guides but it is really cool and something to see when you are in town. The wall right by the train tracks on 7th and Washington has ever changing graffiti art that is community contributed. Like I said this isn’t official or even legal/allowed but it is super beautiful in my opinion. If you have ever contributed to this wall, just know that your art has been appreciated by us during our college years. I personally really love artistic graffiti and we enjoyed checking up on this wall every few months.

Corvallis Courthouse

This isn’t so much something to do as something to see. If you are in Corvallis during the spring, stop by the courthouse downtown for a cherry blossom view like you have never seen before. It’s gorgeous!

The Book Bin

A cozy little old school book store that is my favorite to visit on the weekend! Be warned, its cash only (I know, what?!?) so come prepared and hungry to read.

Davis Family Farm

Davis Family Farm was our go-to for pumpkins and apple cider for four years! The farm is situated between Corvallis and Albany so it’s easy to get to and not a long drive if you live in town. They have other types of fresh produce throughout the year, but we would visit from September to November when they have the fresh pressed cider in stock. A super fun place to spend an autumn afternoon and if you have kiddos there is a tractor ride to the pumpkin patch.