(Dairy Free) Microwave Mug Cobbler

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I have lived without a stove two times in my adult life, and neither was that pleasant. Once in my dorm as a freshman, and more recently during our nine month kitchen remodel. I love dessert, love it! And I know I’m not the only millennial thats ever had the hankering for a quick single serving of cake late at night and googled “single serve mug cake” and quickly mixed up something to enjoy in the peace and quiet of my own dorm room.

Single servings have a lot of benefits, they are portioned out so you can indulge without overeating and are easy to create in a pinch so you don’t need to bake a whole cake for just one hankering. One dessert I love is cobbler, and when Camerons coworker gave us a bunch of fresh blueberries I wondered If I could recreate the taste of one of my favorite desserts in a single serving with just a microwave and a mug.

Today im sharing these delicious fruit bars from Betty Lous! You can find them at Walmart in the breakfast bar section. You guys, they are dairy free, gluten free, vegan, and taste like a slice of fresh pie! Its kind of unbelievable, and they clock in at a snack sized portion of two hundred calories making them perfect for this little mug experiment.

They are the perfect single serve dessert, and I really upped the indulgent factor with the recipe below!

You will need:

One Betty Lous fruit bar

Ice cream (I used soy based vanilla)

One cup of mixed berries, fresh or frozen!

a mug + spoon

microwave safe container

food processor (completely optional)


Microwave fruit bar for 12-15 seconds. Place either on the bottom of your mug or cut up in to cubes to place on top.

Scoop out ice cream into your mug.

Make berry sauce by microwaving your berries for 30 second and stirring until liquid. Option to puree in the food processor.

Serve, mix, and enjoy your single serving of cobbler 🙂

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