My Velvet Mrs. Box!

The night we got engaged I remember telling Cameron on our walk home that the only thing more exciting than the beautiful ring he just gave me was picking out which color Mrs. Box I wanted to get!

I have followed The Mrs. Box since the early days of their business and love all of their boxes. I am a big fan of color and their Instagram page is just dreamy to look at, and I have always been on the fence of buying one for myself. I am a ring girl (some days I wear one on each finger, like a watered down Steven Tyler) and I always loved the idea of keeping my favorites right by my bed at night. With the perfect occasion to pick one out, I finally designed one and couldn’t wait to share it here! Here is all the info…if you care 😉

What color?

After SO much contemplation, I ended up with something super simple. I chose the St. James color, which to me was the perfect blend of grey, pink, and beige! If you would have asked me a few years ago what I wanted, I would have definitely picked out a bright bold color but in recent years I have been really attracted to neutrals and hope that this will be something I keep for a lifetime. I wanted something plain enough to always look really nice on my bedside table, even if the decor around it changes. To me this seemed a little more fun than gray but more muted than pink or green!

Why two initials?

I am not currently sure where I’m at regarding changing/blending my last name and I didn’t want to box (ha!) myself in by making a quick decision about it this early on. This is a story for another day since I know everyone has opinions about this but I went with two of our initials since I thought it was cute and will always work 🙂 This is a safe idea if you are getting one of these as a gift for someone recently engaged since it’s such a personal thing, I love how mine turned out!

What style?

I went with the double, I will eventually be adding a wedding band to the mix so I wanted it to be able to store both rings.

How long was shipping?

Awhile! So be prepared and don’t order on short notice if you need it for something. It is a custom order so it takes awhile, but let me tell you on the receiving end it is definitely worth the wait.

Do they ever go on sale?

From what I understand the best sale of the year is the 30% off sale on Cyber Monday, which is when I ordered mine! Other than that not too often, but I would follow them on Instagram to be in the know. Right now they are offering a Valentines Day promotion which I will link here.

So there you have it, all the details! Do you have a place to put your ring at night or do you wear it to bed?

Thank you to The Mrs. Box for sponsoring this post, all opinions are my own.

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