Some Things You Can Do With Your”Joyless” Kon Mari Toss Outs!

In the wake of Marie Kondos new Netflix show, most likely there is a pile of joy-free-junk piling up at your door and clogging your hallway. Either you have been bitten my the Kon Mari bug and have been re-folding everything you own or you have been hiding under a rock for the last month because it is everywhere right now.

As someone thats a regular declutter-er (Cam and I have overhauled parts of our home every few months for years) I have developed a few strategies to get things out of my house and into the hands of someone else at a rapid rate.

Take this dress that I am wearing in these photos as a personal example! The green jacket from Anthropologie was a great buy that I have had for years, but the yellow dress…not so much. A classic example of something that I bought from Target on impulse. I hate dresses, never wear them, and after a few laundry loads this one started to look more and more like a kitchen towel. It went out the door on my most recent purge, and went to a new home in exchange for some cash. Heres what you can do with the cheap dresses and other clutter in your life once you discover it no longer sparks joy for you!

Outfit Details: Dress (target, similar linked), Green jacket, Crystal pendant necklace is from Kendra Scott (c/o)

1. Donate creatively and do some good.

If you have been reading this blog for even 10 minutes, you know I am a big fan of Goodwill for shopping. And when donation comes to mind, it’s probably the first place you think of! I know personally it feels like I won’t have good thrifting karma if I don’t share the wealth and donate a few times a year. While goodwill is perfectly ok to donate to, check out these places to do some good in the process of decluttering 🙂

Books: Operation paperback, Your local library, Little free libraries, Access books, and Powells Books (if you are native to PDX) or another used bookstore will buy them from you on the spot.

Clothes and Children’s Toys: Dress for success, women’s shelters, LGBTQ centers, local churches and synagogues, toys for tots during the holidays, homeless shelters. For donating unused makeup, try women’s shelters and one you might not think of…your local LGBTQ center! In Portland, thats the Q center on Mississippi!

2. Sell your stuff!

One of the ways I have found decluttering to be extra satisfying is to sell what I don’t need and let someone find a deal. For furniture I like to use Craigslist and the nextdoor app. For clothing I am a big fan of Poshmark, but also use places like buffalo exchange or another local consignment stores. Consignment is great when you want to “dump” a lot of things at once from a big clean out since they will sort through what they want and donate or give back the rest. Poshmark is great if you have a single item that is worth selling, remember to list at a fair price and be open to an offer! Gone at a deal is better than the item collecting dust in your place.

3. Have friends + family come over to find new joy.

Consider the phrase “One mans trash is another mans treasure.”

Have your friends over and let them peruse through your pile of joy free items to see if they want anything or know someone who does. In college, I did this all the time and it was seriously a gold mine for great things. It takes a total of three seconds to shoot a friend a text that reads “throwing this out #nojoy, any interest?” and then having them come pick it up and make it theirs. A great way to get rid of some unwanted things and earn brownie points in the process.

What did you declutter and have you been bitten by the non Mari bug? What did you do with your pile of items that don’t “spark joy”?

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