Which Non-Dairy “Eggnog” Is The Best?

Ok people, it’s holiday time again which has all of us non-dairy folks equal parts terrified and cautious. At holiday parties, there are “creamy looking” cocktails in bowls, secret recipe cookies set out to munch on, and SO much milk laden chocolate laying around. For those of us who prefer a lack of cow in our diets it’s like walking on a fa-la-la-la-land mine.

BUT one thing I look forward to every year, is the alternative “eggnogs” that seem to be in more stores every year. I have grabbed one or two bottles over the years, but this year (just for you guys, hehe) I bought EVERY non dairy nog I could find and taste tested them side by side with my friends to find the best one.

So folks, without further ado…every holiday nog replacement I could find compared in one place!

Califa Farms Almond Nog

Flavor Rating: 8/10

Nog Comparison: Tastes like the original in terms of spices and flavor, but texture is less thick than eggnog. This is normally the case with almond milk products. Would buy this one again and if you are hosting a holiday gathering this one was in the largest container.

So Delicious Coconut Nog

Flavor Rating: 8/10

Nog Comparison: I loved this one! Flavor was great and consistency was close enough to eggnog that the difference didn’t bother me. Would absolutely buy this one again and it was a huge hit with dairy and non dairy drinkers alike at our house. Slight aftertaste, but this one was in our top 3.

Almond Breeze Nog:

Flavor Rating: 7/10

Nog Comparison: This one was good enough, but was similar to the Califa version in watery consistency. Flavor was good, and price was great! Get this one or the silk soy one if you are on a budget.

Good Karma Flax Nog:

Flavor Rating: 9/10

Nog Comparison: Great flavor and decent consistency, this is the only flax based nog on the market I think. Delicious and really healthy in comparison to some of the others, I loved this one as well.

Silk Soy Nog:

Flavor Rating: 10/10

Nog Comparison: This one was our winner and we will definitely be purchasing another bottle! The creamiest consistency out of the bunch and a solid nog flavor throughout. Usually I am not the biggest fan of soy products, but for a holiday drink that is usually fat laden anyway this one is a perfect replacement.

Trader Joes Almond Nog:

Flavor Rating: 2/10

Nog Comparison: This was one that I wouldn’t buy again. Keep in mind I am normally a huge Trader Joes fan, and was so excited to see this gracing the shelf in the dairy section of the store. But, upon trying it was totally disappointed. It’s watery, lacks distinct flavor, and I used the rest as a coffee creamer. They need to change the recipe on this one if they decide to bring it back next season.

The other thing I was really impressed with this year was how many stores carried non dairy nogs this season! I saw non-dairy nog at Trader Joes, Whole Foods, New Seasons Market, The Gas Station, Target, Fred Meyer, Safeway, and QFC which was amazing!

Do you have a favorite holiday nog or one that I missed? Please share it in the comments section below so I can try it out. Happy Holidays!


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    Jack Blane

    This is so helpful, I have a dairy allergy and I am always looking for a good nog replacement and am so happy that so many companies make them now.

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