An Honest Review Of Stitch Fix

While we were house hunting this summer, we briefly lived with Camerons dad John and his wife Desiree. Desiree happens to be the person in my life who knows all about fun new subscription services to try out and that summer she received a few Stitchfix boxes, which is a service that she had highly recommended in the past. Maybe it was having my stuff in storage, maybe it was that I had been on the long quest for a perfect pair of petite jeans, but that summer Cameron and I were both ready to try it out for a bit and see if it made serious improvement to our closets.

It’s been 6 months of Stitchfix (Thats six boxes for me and two for Cam) and I feel like I have tested it out enough to finally review here on the blog. I have had great boxes, terrible boxes, things that fit like a glove and not so much…so here are my thoughts if you are looking into starting the service!

What Was In Each Box?

Each box costs twenty dollars, which goes towards anything you purchase and I set my settings to “affordable” in cost for some context. I think the simplest way to share this is box by box and then some final thoughts at the end, so lets just dive in shall we.

July Box: This was the first box I received and it was actually my favorite. Included was a pair of petite denim that fit like a glove, the yellow blouse that I’m wearing in these photos, a kimono with a pattern that was straight out of my brain (last seen here), and a dress + a geometric necklace. I ended up keeping three items for a total of eighty dollars and ended up passing on the dress and geometric necklace since the quality didn’t seem great. I have read reviews that said that the first box might be the worst, but this wasn’t the case for me.

Looking back I have a few notes after wearing these items for 6 months, the denim fit great initially but has worn and loosened over time. They were around fifty dollars so this isn’t completely unusual for the price I paid but it means I need to find another pair. The kimono still looks and feels great and was an excellent buy, however the yellow blouse was literally only worn a few times and I probably should have passed on it.

August Box: This box was transitioning into fall and was ok. It included a grey button up that was great for work, a skirt, a cute pair of sandals that I requested be included, some shorts, and another blouse. I ended up just keeping the button up, for a total of twenty dollars after my credit. I almost bought the TOMS sandals too, but instead found the same pair in a more wearable color on Amazon. Over time the shirt has worn down a bit, but is still super wearable and was an ok buy.

Outfit Details: Top and Jeans are both from my initial Stitch Fix box/ Denim (similar linked)/ Similar Top/ Sunglasses/ Geometric Necklace/ “Similar-To-Top” Dress

September Box: September things went south, I hated everything in the box and felt like it wasn’t reflective of my style at all. I am someone who isn’t a big fan of dresses or skirts and there were three included, there was a crisp white straw bag that was not my jam, and accessories that made zero sense for what they were with. It may have been perfect for someone else, but not for me personally. I didn’t buy anything that month and ate the twenty dollar box charge. I reflected this in the review of each item so that my stylist was aware for the next round. Feedback is critical on these because October was better.

October Box: October was more hopeful! Included was some cute denim (didn’t fit right), some sweaters, a really cute scarf that I totally wanted to get but didn’t really need, and an amazing anorak jacket that had a great petite fit. This was probably the most expensive item I bought from them (70$ after credit) but for how much wear it gets it was well worth it. After a few months of wear its pilled a little bit in some places, but I still think it was worth purchasing for the fit alone. It’s my favorite stylish jacket that’s not too dressy.

November Box: The November box was mixed and also the month I cancelled (aka held any more fixes from shipping). There was a dark floral print dress which was not me at all, a plaid button up that was cute and fit well but was light pink and blue, a pair off boots, and a really cute dark pink long cardigan that I ended up snagging. I just got the cardigan, which I wear a ton but everything else seemed just ok.

Cams Two Boxes: The mens stuff is definitely higher quality, period. It was really interesting to have a partner trying the service at the same time I did because I noticed a huge difference in the quality of each box he received in contrast to mine. This could be because I ordered one each month and Cameron did every quarter but still something to note. He ended up with a really nice pair of shoes and a nice shirt for a tech interview he had but sent everything else back each round. Things included were almost matches (ex. a sweater that fits, but is an odd color) and some were too much to spend on one item in his eyes.

Final Thoughts About The Service

The Pricing: The pricing depends on what you are willing to spend, which from the personalization element is nice. I set most of my things to affordable and my denim to the middle bracket. I felt like the styling fee (20$) was completely appropriate, especially since you can put it toward what you purchase in the box. However, the affordable options sometimes aren’t so affordable by my standards (a single blouse being 40-60$) and when the quality started to drop the more I wore things I realized I could be getting some similar items at stores like Nordstrom Rack or Target for half of what I was paying.

This really is a convenience thing, it shows right up at your door and you try on at home so it’s not the same as shopping and sifting through 25 racks of clothes. I have just become picky about what I purchase and try to edit out things that I could easily find at a less expensive retailer or on sale.

How It Works: It’s super convenient and very seamless! You take style quizzes, the items arrive on time in great packaging, and then whatever you don’t want you just pop back in the mail in a pre-paid envelope. The convenience factor and how the company runs are a huge plus. No problems with customer service or anything logistical 🙂

The Quality Control: Some items started to wear poorly over time, which could honestly be my price settings but still disappointing if I spend over fifty dollars on something. The one thing that stayed super nice was the kimono I initially bought!

Matching My Style: Some boxes were a hit, and some were a complete miss when it comes to matching my personal style. They have daily quizzes you take plus your feedback to come up with each box so I have heard this gets better over time. For me it started out great and then tapered off, with only a few items I loved at the end.

Have you tried stitch fix before? Love it? Hate it? Tell me in the comments below.


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