Resort at Squaw Creek

Following up from last weeks post about my time with Hannah and Angelika in Lake Tahoe, todays post is all about where we stayed during our time there! We ended up booking at Resort at Squaw Creek on the north side of Lake Tahoe through an Alaska Airlines deal a week before we left (risky!) and it ended up working out great for the three of us. The area was awesome, and we got good use out of the mountain side pool area. The resort fee was reasonable, the room was well under three hundred dollars a night, the drinks were delicious. I don’t think it gets much sweeter for a girls weekend away.

But why take my word when you can just glance at the images below to get the vibe of our stay.

The view from the large lobby window was the first thing we saw when we checked in. I mean.. what a view!

I love a good theme (see here) and had a serious appreciation for all the rustic details like antler lamps and woodsy fabrics.

Hannah and Angelika went lakeside and rented a jet ski, then we hit the pool area for pretty much the entire rest of the weekend 😉

We snacked and ordered more than a few poolside drinks, the chips and guac (vegan) was delicious and came with 3 kinds of salsa. Angelika and Hannah split some huge ahi poke nachos that had a *very* generous allotment of tuna on top.

Outfit Details: Patterned Beach Tunic/ Necklace/ Sunglasses

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