Emerald Bay

Greetings from Lake Tahoe! Hannah, Angelika, and I decided to make our summer travel adventures a yearly “thing” and we decided on Lake Tahoe as our weekend destination since Angelika and I had never been. Despite a roadside breakdown, losing our car keys, a 5am wakeup call, and some mild sunburns…we still managed to have such a blast and capture some memories. I love these two ladies and it always feels like it’s been minutes since I saw them last. All the feels with these two!

One thing that was recommended highly to us was checking out Emerald Bay on the south side of the lake as a photo spot. Despite the smoke in the air, Lake Tahoe is gorgeous 24/7 and the pictures we took totally worked out.

Hannah bought a Goorin Brothers hat last year in Seattle and we all constantly borrow it from her. It seems to go with everything and eventually Ang and I will need to get our own 😉

Outfit Details: Anthropologie Button Down (on sale!)/ Kork Ease Sandals/ Anthropologie Shorts/ Similar Chain Necklace / Similar Pearl Pendant Necklace

One thing I was super glad I invested in for our trip (& beyond!) was these Chacos! I wore them to hike to our photo spot and they were literally perfect for the task. Last time we all got together I destroyed my knee trying to climb up a dirt hill in Birkenstocks and this year I really didn’t want a repeat incident. These shoes are awesome and so comfortable for everything from walking in an airport to hiking a mountain.

I had such a blast and can’t wait to return!! More photos to come.


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      Natalie Murphy

      Haha Hannah’s mom once told us that “spice” is what makes the trip extra interesting and I think she’s right! It’s the oops moments that make it fun 😉 Thanks for your comment Natalie.

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