Vegan at Napa Rose

If you are a wine aficionado and have ever visited The Disneyland Resort, chances are that Napa Rose has caught your eye. It’s a fine dining option at the Grand Californian that is known for its large selection of California wines and delicious food. I had dined before and loved it when I was not plant based, so I had some hesitations of what I would eat when my mom booked us reservations there last week.

I was SO impressed by the vegan options there, I thought I would share what I ordered in case some of you vegans/vegetarians end up there for dinner. If you guys like this format, let me know in the comments and I will write more! I don’t talk about food a ton on here, but I do love sharing plant based eats on this blog from time to time…especially when at Disneyland 😉

To Drink: I ordered a Moscow Mule to drink as-is and it was really delicious! Fresh lime juice and house made ginger beer really made it killer. Personally I’m not much of a wine person, but if you are the selection is huge. There is also a large selection of wines that are from the Disney Family brands in Napa California.

To Start: To start I ordered a vegetable stew with a tomato base, this was special made by the chef which was great. If you want something specific (eg. my mom ordered soup to start and I kinda wanted one too) they can usually come up with something awesome. This soup turned out to be light, sweet, salty, and perfectly balanced all at the same time. YUM.

Entree: For my entree, the pesto grilled asparagus, mushrooms, atop white bean hummus + cashews caught my eye. I asked my server if this had any dairy in it, and one small modification was made for it to be completely vegan. It was so delicious and I was thrilled to see it included on the main menu, you can order it as-is if you are vegetarian. They also made this into an “entree portion” since it was on the starter list, we had a really wonderful waiter that was super accommodating.

For Dessert: For dessert Napa Rose always has house made non dairy sorbets on the menu, and all of them are usually amazing. The seasonal flavor was black cherry vanilla, it was super delicious and a flavor I definitely haven’t tried before. We capped the night off with two scoops and a Friday night showing of “Fantasmic” in Disneyland.

Overall, such a great experience dining here. I will definitely be making a visit again soon.


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    Patrick James-Roberts

    Do you feel like your waiter was extra accommodating, I have eaten there before as a vegetarian and had a hard time with the menu. The wine is GREAT there though.

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      Natalie Murphy

      I had a really great experience there this time and I do think it comes down to who you have as a waiter! I will say though, I saw more vegan/vegetarian options listed on the menu this time around vs. when I was dining there in March. Hopefully in the future the menu will be really easy to navigate.

      10/10 would recommend giving it a second chance 😉

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