Vegan at Safeco Field

Last weekend, Cam and I drove up to Seattle with family for Fathers Day and did something rare for us…attended a baseball game! We watched the Mariners play the Boston Red Sox and even though baseball isn’t *usually* my thing it was a really fun game to watch.

One of the things I had read before we left was that Safeco was the best stadium in the nation for vegan eats and options. Cam and I were stoked to try all the offerings so we made it a point to walk around the perimeter and order one of everything!

Here is what we munched on!

Garlic Fries (V)

Starting with the infamous garlic fries, these are vegan as is so you can order them straight up. For the first ten minutes, these are absolutely delicious but by the time you reach the garlic layer on the bottom your breath will be fowl. Make sure to add something to drink with these, they top them with what looked like 5 tablespoons of garlic. Overall, would totally recommend these since they are a stadium staple.

Veggie Dog (V)

We were stoked about the veggie dog option because I have always associated hot dogs and baseball games with each other. This was a very decent veggie dog and a makes great option for a classic game day dinner. They also offer gluten free buns on request 🙂

Cucumber Avocado Roll (V)

This was probably my favorite thing I ate, mostly because I don’t expect delicious sushi rolls at a baseball stadium. These were made right in front of me and super fresh. I would totally order these again.

Here are some other available options that we didn’t get to try: Cracker Jacks, Nuts, Smoothies from The Natural, Coffee/Lattes Etc, Vegetarian Bao, Steamed Edamame.

Such a fun game and so many good eats! We will be sure to make it back to Safeco again soon.

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