23rd Birthday In Disneyland

Disneyland is arguably one of the best places to spend ones birthday. Sugary treats, fun rides, a free button in town hall, and the fact that people greet you with a cheery “Happy Birthday” all day long. It’s a super appropriate place to make an age transfer 😉

I have been lucky enough to spend a few birthdays in Disneyland over the years, so when Cam asked me what I wanted to do for my 23rd the answer was the just same as it usually is. Disneyland!

Here are a few Iphone snaps from a really fun weekend.

The cutest layover was in Cars Land for Pixar Fest! I especially loved these adorable “Pixcar” movie posters on the Drive In Wall.

Vegan food hack, ask for the vegetarian chili in cars land with Fritos instead of the normal cheese on top. So good!

Shirt/ Shorts (seriously so comfy!)/ Fanny Pack

Since Pixar Fest was kicking off we packed some goodies our pal Tiffany snagged us at the Pixar campus. The “Lou” shirt and Bing Bong pin are both from Tiff!

And speaking of pals, it was great to see my favorite LA local Hannah!!

Finally got to try the “Jungle Julep” from Bengal BBQ. It was a little sweet, but still super delicious if you want something other than mint.

Only two strange things happened on this trip (one good, one bad) and made this visit a little funky.

My shoes were AWFUL, and I do mean awful. I like to consider myself a disney pro and good lord was I eating my words regarding footwear this trip. I bought some black Nike sneakers before we left, broke them in ahead of time and they still ruined my feet. Blisters, zero arch support, and severe pain. I *almost* ran into the Sanuk store in Downtown Disney and threw them in the trash I was so desperate to get out of them. As soon as I got home, I invested in some Chaco sandals because I have read great things. If you have a good theme park shoe suggestion please leave it in the comments below.

the other weird thing that happened to us, was our weird luck with rides. We got stuck on the matterhorn and had to ride it twice (twist my arm, ha!) and had to unload from our log on Splash Mountain just before the large drop. We kept having these weird moments on rides, and even in gift shops where something wasn’t working right. It was fun but we started to feel just a little bit cursed or something 😉

Gross steamy mirror selfie while emergency exit-ing Splash Mountain.

Such a fun time, I can’t wait to head back in June with some slightly better shoes.


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