New Years Eve at Legoland

I went to Legoland once when I was about ten, and ever since then Disneyland takes up most of my theme park dance card. With that said, I had been wanting to go back for the first time as an adult! After a family wedding in San Diego, my uncle Richard asked if I wanted to come with him and his family for the day and I jumped for the chance to check it out. Also, my two little cousins are lego experts…so I rolled with an extra informative crew 😉

Our visit was on New Years Eve, so it was neat to see how Legoland decorates for the holidays.

Here are some highlights from my day!

What I noticed most about Legoland right off the bat was that they had added more rides since my last visit. Even still, the main attraction is obviously the Legos and Lego display areas.

When we visited, the Star Wars displays were new and all of them were so detailed!

There were also other displays that were nearby. All these Lego builds are so impressive to see, there is even a visitors “lab” you can look into and see what the builders are currently working on.

Sometimes I have great luck eating in theme parks, and sometimes I have terrible luck since we seek out vegan/vegetarian options when dining. I was thrilled with what I ate at Legoland!

For lunch, Tofu ramen at Wok & Bowl. I was thrilled with this, it was delicious!

Almond milk lattes were available out front, which was a must for me on New Years Eve.

 In terms of lines and rides, it was crowded but the number one reason it didn’t bother me was because of an optional VIP upgrade. Legoland provides a handheld “fastpass” device that lets you book rides ahead of time and skip the lines. It was expensive (huge thank you to my Uncle Richard & Aunt Tina for hosting) but the kids and I got on everything we wanted. If you are spending just one day, my recommendation is to go for it if you can. If you can’t justify the cost, make sure to go during low season.

Here are the rides that as an adult, I really enjoyed: Lego Technic Coaster, Coastersaurus, The Dragon, Safari Trek.

Here are the rides that the kids loved and wanted to go back to: Junior Driving School, Skipper School, Safari Trek, Royal Joust, Lost Kingdom Adventure, Ninjago The Ride.

Overall, such a fun experience and we even had some time to checkout the Legoland hotel during our visit. Till next time Legoland!

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