January In San Diego

As I mentioned in yesterdays blog post, we are in San Diego for the end of the holiday season! We attended my aunts wedding, visited Legoland, and spent the remainder of our trip visiting Cams extended family in Point Loma. Here are a few snaps from a really relaxing week before we head home.

For the wedding we stayed at The Sheraton on the marina since that was where the festivities went down. I don’t know why, but I didn’t expect it to be so beautiful there! We had a room with a great view of the harbor, and since everything was by the water we were able to do our workout dockside the morning of the wedding.

The biggest bonus in my eyes, a Starbucks in the lobby! I just love when that happens.

Our outfits were a bit of a last minute scramble since the wedding was right after Christmas. We ended up snagging Cams suit (originally from Nordstrom) at Goodwill and got it tailored, the total cost came in at around twelve dollars which was such a win. I snagged my pantsuit and shoes on sale at Anthropologie, my all time favorite place for event wear.

Such a beautiful wedding! We had a blast, but not nearly as much fun as my parents who were on the dance floor till midnight 😉

After the wedding we transferred over to Camerons aunts house to spend some quality time with his family. His aunt has the most beautiful home in Point Loma, I absolutely love visiting!

Me attempting to make the holidays last as long as possible.

Plants love it down here, which makes me all kinds of jealous. Everything just seems to want to grow without maximum effort, including fruit trees which thrills me when I get to pick something. I took home eight limes in my carry on luggage this time around.

Blouse is from Sundance

We finished off our visit by checking out Little Italy and eating at Cafe Gratitude for the third (!!) time this trip. Seriously you have to eat there if you are Vegan/Vegetarian and visiting SD, or if you just really like good food 🙂

Till next time San Diego!


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