DIY Necklace Rack With Anthropologie Knobs

The best kind of friend is one who thinks of something you would’ve never thought of. I’ve mentioned it before on the blog, but my friend Marisa is who I always go to for resourceful thrifty ideas. She always finds the best uses for previously forgotten things, and makes them look purposeful in a room. A great example is some glass “hen in nest dishes” I inherited from her grandmother that I now use around the house to collect my jewelry…completely brilliant! I included pictures of one in this post, I can’t say Cameron loves them but they are such a cute way to store jewelry πŸ˜‰

One idea she had that I couldn’t get out of my head over the years, is using some Anthropologie drawer pulls and a piece of reclaimed wood to hold necklaces on a bedroom wall. This DIY necklace rack was as useful as it was pretty, and I knew when I saw it in her bedroom I needed to make one since my necklaces were always ending up tangled.

Let’s talk about what you’ll need for this DIY:

6 Collected Knobs (Mine are from Anthropologie)/ One small piece of reclaimed wood (mine was knotty alder, leftover from house construction)/ Belt Sander/ A power tool to cut the excess metal in the back/ Wood Stain or Wood Oil/ Keyhole Router Bit/ Electric Drill

Here are the specific knobs I chose for mine, I love how they look together!

Pink Glass Knob/ Mint Green Glass Knob/ Black & White Knob/ Floral Knob/ Zebra Head Knob/ Sand Dollar Glass Knob

Here’s How To Prepare Your Wood Piece:

Sand the edges of your wood using your belt sander, this polishes the edges so it looks finished and rounded. Take some time on this step and make sure you like the look before moving on.

Finish your wood using stain or oil, we used all in one wood oil since the wood itself was so naturally pretty.

Let dry.

Here’s How To Add Your Knobs:

The first (and probably most important) thing is to decide where you want your knobs to be placed. Pick how you want your layout to look, and take note of the length if each screw.

Mark where you need to screw with a pen or pencil.

Drill holes for the knobs with an appropriate bit where you marked.

Screw in knobs and secure with coordinating washer.

Carefully (!!) use this tool to slice the back of each knob off, this will make some serious sparks so use caution and stand back if observing. Eyewear probably isn’t the worst idea either πŸ˜‰

Use this tool in your drill bit to make a nail hole in the back to hang your necklace rack.

Since I live in an 800 square foot apartment, you are probably all wondering…how does she have/fit all these tools in her place? Well, the answer is that I don’t!

But I do have Doug!

Doug is Marisa’s dad and a master handyman, Marisa is nice enough to let me borrow him for projects. He has every tool listed here on the supply list, and a hundred more.

To be quite frank this project was not achievable without his direct help, Thanks Doug!

If you don’t have a “Doug” and live in a small space, there are plenty of tool rental libraries out there! Sometimes it’s best to save money on these type of things by renting the tool you need, and getting the extra advice from someone who has used the tool prior.


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