DIY Hidden Mickey Holiday Frame

Christmas is almost here (!!!) and if you are like me you have gotten your big gifts out of the way but are looking for a few thoughtful things to include in stockings at the last minute. Photo memories in frames are always a great gift, and if you know a Disney lover they will love this hidden Mickey holly frame.

Let’s make it!

What You’ll Need:

Hot Glue Gun/ Frame (I got mine here)/ Scissors, Red Buttons (small + large)/ Green Felt/ Ric-Rac Ribbon

How To Make It:

1.Turn on your hot glue gun and cut the length of ribbon you need to wrap around the frame.

2. Glue your ribbon down and fold in at each corner to make it seamless.

3. Cut out your holly leaves out of the green felt, glue down onto frame.

4. Add your “hidden Mickey” motif with the red buttons.

5. Add a cute picture 🙂

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