Jedi Knights Unboxing

Sharing what was included with this months Smuglers Bounty subscription box. The theme this month was “Jedi Knights” and was stuffed full of unique things from the light side of the force.
As a reminder this is a Funko subscription service that ships every other month with exclusive Star Wars themed goodies inside. The other boxes I talk about on the blog are Disney Treasures and Collector Corps (Marvel).
Right off the bat, we get a much older (wiser? heh) Luke Skywalker as our patch of the month. I’ll bee 100% honest I didn’t know who the pin this month was so after having Cameron inspect it, I learned it was Plo Koon. If you, like me need a refresher on him and his Jedi relevance click here.
There were two pops included with this months box and they are both awesome. The first was young Obi Wan Kenobi (very cool) but the one I was most excited to see was Aayla Secura. I think it was an awesome choice to include a female Jedi knight and I organize my pops by color, so she will make a great addition to my “blue” section 😉
The color of the paint on her is so pretty! I have heard some people had paint issues with theirs but mine came out just fine.
Also included was a Yoda plush which was fitting since he was featured on the outside of the box this month. I love the plushies and this one really added an extra dose of cute to this months box. Unfortunately I think my dog Baloo likes the plushies a little *too* much and I am afraid of Yodas fuzzy hair not lasting very long in my house.
The last thing included was a VERY fun T-shirt that Cameron managed to snap up before I got a picture, haha. It was one of four styles included, check them all out here.

To sign up for Smugglers Bounty click here, next months theme is The Last Jedi and Ive got my fingers crossed that a Porg item of some sort is included 😉

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