DIY Haunted Mansion Door Sign

This DIY Haunted Mansion door sign makes a spooky addition to your haunted abode and will be sure to make you the perfect ghost host this Halloween season.
What You’ll Need: 
– The “Foolish Mortal” template, included in this post.
-Acrylic Paint (I love the Martha Stewart brand) in silver, green, and white
-Paintbrush and Sponge
How To Make It:
1. Print out your template and set aside, make sure it will fit in your frame and if it doesn’t downsize the scale when printing.
2. Use polymer clay to create 3 figures. For the top portion of the sign, a horned face and arch and for the bottom a skull. Bake these for 30 minutes at 250 degrees, let cool for 3 hours on a flat surface.
3. Paint your frame and backing mint green, also paint your clay figures once completely cool.
 4. Assemble your frame and cut out your template letters with an Xacto Knife, trace and paint in lettering. Use a dark green colored paint for contrast.
5. Glue clay figures to your frame.
5. With your silver paint and sponge, apply paint to your frame and figures in a random pattern to give the sign a false “aged look”
6. Use season after season to spook your houseguests 😉


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