Pike Place Market with Fotostrap

There are a ton of memories from our final stop in Seattle, but these photos from Pike Place are from our first day in Washington. It was such a fun summer day, and we did all the classic things you “must do” at Pike Place since this was Angelikas first time in Seattle. We checked out the fish throwing and flower bunches, walked down to the famous gum wall, and opted not to get coffee at the original Starbucks location since the line was way too long…typical!

The flowers at Pike Place are always unreal and come by the bunch. If I visit on a day where I’m driving home I usually snag a bunch, but on this particular trip they were just eye candy for photos.

There is so much going on at all times in the market, it’s hard to capture all of it. Since the mission of our trip up the west coast was to capture the moments, I was really glad to have my Fotostrap in tow. The strap is padded and personalized, and connects directly to my Nikon body so that I can wear my camera and be ready to snap. I love taking photos but hate bulky equipment, which is why I am so excited to partner with Fotostrap on this post. When these photos were taken I had it with me all day long, and it was so nice to just wear my camera like a handbag instead of lugging it around with extra lenses.

Angelika and I took a detour down to the famous gum wall since Hannah was grossed out by the whole concept (lol) and chewed some gum to make our additions. Two very sweet Japanese tourists lent us some bubble gum just for the occasion since we forgot to pack some.

What amazes me about the gum wall is just how much it has grown over the years! I swear that when I would go as a kid it was only one wall full of gum, it’s pretty much a whole alley now.

Such a fun morning doing a classic Seattle activity! Thanks again to Fotostrap for sponsoring this post.

Photos by Angelika Johns.



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