DIY Snow White Shampoo Bars

These apple shaped (and scented!!) Snow White shampoo bars are just the thing to get you or your kiddo humming “Heigh-Ho!” in the shower before school.
What You’ll Need:
– Soap Dye (Red, Yellow, Blue)
-Mango butter
– Moroccan Oil (c/o Kapulet)
– Essential Oil of choice (I chose apple, ha!)
-Wax Paper
– Rectangular Soap Mold or Loaf Pan
How To Make It:
1. Cut your soap base and melt it on low heat. You can do this using a microwave (30 seconds high) or with a double boiler set up.
2. Once melted, add in mango butter + moroccan oil + essential oil + and your shampoo. Stir to combine and then divide into four bowls.
3. In each bowl, add color dye. One red, one blue, one yellow and one white. 
4. line a pan or soap mold with wax paper.
5. Pouring in one color at a time, layer the soap. For best results let each color layer cool before adding another. 
6. Let cool for several hours, then stamp out apple shapes using cookie cutter. 
7. Store in a cool dry place and use for up to a year!
This post was crafted in partnership with Kapulet, a company that offers wholesale pricing on high end cruelty free beauty products. Thank you for supporting the brands that make Ariel and Alder content a possibility. You can shop everything from this post in the widget below.

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