Faux Fireplace Inspiration

When choosing a place to live, I would always opt for a space with some character over something pre-fabricated but (and this is a really big but) I live with someone that appreciates a modern environment. Over the years Cameron and I have discussed what we eventually want in terms of a renovation on a purchased home but while we are on the renting stage of our life we have determined that a “new” apartment complex is the ideal and stress free choice. So right now we are trying to strike a balance between new and old to keep both parties engaged in the decorating process. 
We have lived in a modern complex for the past two years and while I have loved our time here, we didn’t really do much with our space. Mostly because college got in the way, but also because the storage and layout of this particular unit was slightly strange. I am so stoked to get started on a new space and really think about some minor DIY additions. 
One idea we have been tossing around for awhile? A false fireplace!
This first came up when we were living in the dorms at OSU and my building had old fireplaces in select rooms and most common areas. I thought this added a central focus to the space and was the perfect place to put things. These particular fireplaces were bricked in, which is what made me realize it’s really more about the mantle than the fireplace itself.
Two apartments and one move later, I am more convinced than ever that we need one. Here are some inspirations sources and DIY projects that I found this week.
I particularly like the color and size of this one by A Beautiful Mess, definitely more modern than I might like but the tutorial itself seems easy to follow and I love when people choose bold colors.
love this stacked log idea by Hunted Interior
Tile pattern idea by Veneer Designs
I really felt like if I wrote down this idea I would hold myself accountable and actually work on it this summer, hence this blog post full of beautiful photos and ideas that most definitely aren’t my own. Thanks for reading πŸ˜‰

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