Editors Notes // May Favorites

Hooray for a new month!! With my birthday and a fun few things in the works for the Etsy shop it has been a somewhat fun month, but it has mostly been full of packing boxes and 1000+ trips to Goodwill. May means we are about to actually move into our new place and I couldn’t be more ready for all of this to be over. 
I’m sure you are all sick of hearing about it in my blog post intros, haha. So let’s move on! 😉
What’s way fun about this round of editors notes is that all of these items I have either purchased for the month ahead or they are currently in my cart. I love everything thats pictured which is the usual case but is especially true this month! 
Clogs: I have wanted some clogs for a long long long time and I have settled on a brand that I am pretty sure about. These are in my cart on Etsy and the brand is Lotta From Stockholm, I think these look so cute in the summer with overalls or a dress. Its not a matter of if, it’s when and I think May is the month to pull the trigger.
Ray Ban Icon Glasses: I have a pair of reflective club masters that I wear non stop and I am looking for a similar pair with a slightly different shape. These are perfect and all I am waiting on is to try them on in person. Still not quite sure what color to get but they are all amazing choices.
Boat Times Enamel Pin: Cameron and I saw the skit “Old Gregg” on Youtube in the dorms our freshman year and couldn’t stop laughing for a few straight weeks! We recently binge watched the parent show “The Mighty Boosh” and we are totally obsessed!! If you haven’t seen it the full series is on Hulu, you can thank me later. If you have seen the show and love it like we do, this pin is a fun way to add some Boosh flair on a jacket or overalls. You know how I feel about enamel pins, haha.
Cactus Lamp: I shared this on Instagram the day I bought it and you guys seemed to like it just as much as I did! This was a Target find I just had to have when I saw it in the aisle.
Roller Lash: I have heard great things about this mascara from so many, but man does it live up to the hype! I have been loving this and I don’t know if I will buy anything else ever again. A monthly favorite for sure.
As usual everything mentioned is linked in the widget below, have an awesome start to the week (and to the month) my friends! 

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