Beauty And The Beast Funko Pops!

Happy St. Patricks Day!
Today is the day we have all been anticipating, the live action Beauty and The Beast is officially in theaters! I saw the film last night and it was amazing! I will save the spoilers for another day when you have all had a chance to see it but if you have the chance this weekend, head to theater and enjoy this re-imagined classic!
The scenery was beautiful but what I loved most about the live action version was how the enchanted household objects were re-imagined. Lumiere looks perfectly gilded, Cogsworths wide set waddle is spot on, and the wardrobe! OMG!
….I will stop talking and let you see the movie 😉
I am a big fan of Disney collectables! So a fun part of every upcoming Disney film release is seeing what Funko will come out with and how they turn each character from the film into a cute little addition for your desk or shelf. It’s safe to say I was obsessed with the whole BATB collection when I first saw them and I am so excited to share them with you guys on the blog today.
I am someone who likes to take these little guys out of the packaging (hardcore collectors are cringing right now, sorry!) and use them as home decor. They look so cute on bookshelves, desks, nightstands, and side tables. I have been wanting to put together a “how to display” blog post, like I did with Tsum-Tsums just because I have been having fun with these around the house.
Lets talk about each character for a second shall we!
Belle and Beast are perfect! I think I like these versions even better than the originals. Beasts outfit details are perfectly proportioned and I love the fur texture.
And Belles signature yellow dress? Perfectly replicated! She has a golden floral wreath around the back of her hair, a rose in her hand, the branched necklace, and the gold filigree that dusts the bottom is straight from the film.
Mrs. Potts is my favorite from this collection! She comes with Chip and the size is perfect. How cute would these guys look in a tea corner or coffee cart!
Cogsworth is also perfect in size and some of his “in the film” details come through in the vinyl version. Lumiere is the perfect shade of yellow-gold and as a complete set everyone looks like they belong together. Rich gold, silver, jewel tone colors, they all look great when kept together.
I hope you guys get a chance to see the film this weekend! I will be giving away some super fun Funko prize packs to celebrate this next week so stay tuned on the social channels below for that!
But to kick things off I am picking one blog post comment to win a mystery mini from the BATB collection. Just leave a comment on this post to enter, and thats it! I will pick someone to win at noon (pst) next Friday.
PS. If you love Funko as much as I do, here are some other blog posts about various collectible releases and subscription boxes 🙂
PPS. A Disney themed Funko subscription service (Disney Treasures) just launched so be sure to check that out to get the first box in time! I can’t wait to share with you guys. The inaugural theme is Pirates Cove, adorable!
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