Editors Notes // Beauty & The Beast

Happy March!
This month involves a little green, some signs of spring, the beginning of allergies and sunshine, but most importantly….The live action premiere of Beauty and The Beast!!!
Editors notes this month focus on the film and some of my favorite BATB characters, with a little bit of St. Patricks Day green mixed in! As always I have linked to all these things in the widget below the post! March, I am so ready for ya!
BATB Book Purse: Every Disney bag that Danielle Nicole comes out with is better than the last and when I saw this book one I knew I needed to include it for March. Don’t get me wrong, I love the bags that are in the shape of characters faces (tinkerbell, cinderella, etc..) but this one is slightly more wearable and subtle. Plus, the brown color is much easier to match with. Check out the itty bitty nod to Lumiere in the lower right corner, so cute!
Jord Wooden Watch: I was a little hesitant when initially hearing about a watch made up entirely of wood, but after receiving this watch from Jord its so light and comfortable! I unboxed the watch on snapchat and it comes in this crazy elaborate wooden box complete with oil conditioner and a drawer.  I was so impressed with not only the packaging but how much I ended up wearing it! I picked this watch in a neutral color, and I have been wearing it with everything. 
Want to win one of your own? Jord offered to give one away to one of you guys to wear for Spring, just enter to win here.
Belle Ear Headband: Disney Parks released these last year and I thought it was such a cute idea to make princess specific ears. These golden belle ones are so beautiful (the mini roses, ugh!) and would go with a lot of different outfits since they are somewhat neutral. Before you laugh at me for saying that just know that park ears can get quite elaborate, colorful, and complicated! I think the single color palette of these makes them simple.
Green Nail Color: I tested out this nail color in a Peter Pan nail tutorial last month and I love the formula! I went with another color for the tutorial that was more “lime” and less “grassy” but with eater season and spring approaching this color is perfect! It also happens to be perfect for March just because it is green.
Rose Notebook: I saw this notebook in Nordstrom and just had to include it in my notes for March! Such a fun way to add some Beauty and The Beast subtlety to your office or school supplies. Probably my favorite item on this list!
Enchanted Button Earrings: FemmeDeBloom who I love makes these cute little button earrings and she made a bunch of BATB ones in celebration of the live action release. The green Cogsworth/Lumiere set is pictured above but she made a Mrs. Potts/ Chip set as well in purple. These would look so cute with any Beauty & The Beast inspired outfit or just as a subtle disney accessory for spring! The best part is the inexpensive price point, she prices her items to be so affordable!
Not on my “official” notes but something I wanted you guys to be aware of is this brand new Thomas Kinkade art print in Celebration of Beauty and The Beast! What I love most about this piece is that pretty much every character from the original film is included in it. Belle, Beast, Gaston, The Enchantress, Maurice, The Wardrobe, Mrs Potts & Chip. If you look right in the middle even the enchanted ottoman is included, love! This would look so beautiful in any BATB lovers home. 
I just needed to share it 🙂
What are you looking forward to most in March?

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