DIY Enchanted Rose Hat

Bonjour, and Happy Monday! 
By now I am assuming you all have seen the new live action Beauty & The Beast that hit theaters last Friday, and if you havent….go!! As a childhood fan on the 90’s animated version I personally loved it! I will leave some spoilers out of this post but I thought the expanded backstory really filled the films cracks and loved some of the original songs that were added. It’s amazing, go see it!
Since we are all on a Beauty & The Beast kick this spring I decided to create a DIY with that theme in mind. The enchanted rose is one of my favorite motifs from the story and when I found an inexpensive felt hat at the craft store the wheels started turning.
This craft took me about an hour, and cost me ten dollars! Head to your local thrift store or the clearance section of Target to find a suitable hat if you want to try this on the cheap.
I linked some options for you below if you are looking for supplies online!
– Pink, red, black, and green paint (I love this brand)
Paintbrush (thin and thick)
-Sealant or Mod Podge (optional)
I made a video for this DIY so that you guys can actually see how to make it instead of me just telling you, but here are the step by step instructions just in case you want to pin this for later.
1. Print out your template (click here) and make sure the surface of your hat is clean. 
2. Using an xacto knife, cut out your rose template and then tape to the desired location on the brim of your hat. If the tape isn’t holding, you can pin down the paper with sewing pins.
3. Begin to paint by dabbing green for the leaves and stem, and a mix of pink and red for the petals. 
4. Let dry and then peel off your template to reveal the rose. If your painting looks messy, don’t panic you will be cleaning up the lines with black paint. If it looks perfect skip this next step.
5. Clean up the inside (black) lines using a thin paintbrush and black paint. This step allows you to fix up any unclean edges or imperfect stencil leaks. 
6. Let dry for 24 hours and your hat is ready to wear! Aa an optional step you can make your hat last longer by adding a sealant top coat or a thin coat of Mod Podge on top of the rose design. If you do this add another day to your drying time before wearing.
This template isn’t restricted to just hats, feel free to use it in another way and share the result with me on Instagram. I love love love seeing what you guys create 🙂
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