DIY Peter Pan Nail Art

Happy Friday!
Coming at you with a video tutorial today so I am going to keep the writing portion of this post short and sweet. March is the only time of year I wear green on my nails, so I like to pull out my only two green polishes and have some fun for the month. With green in mind for the month ahead (why oh why is February so short) and a normal dose of Disney magic, I give you some DIY Peter Pan nail art to try!
Polishes Used: Lime Green (dupe linked here)/ Emerald Green/ Red/ Glitter/ and Topcoat
You can read all about my thoughts on the topcoat I used for this tutorial in this blog post from September! I love love love it and it replaced my old favorite, the whole Formula X system is great actually. You can see me using the base coat in the beginning of the video as well. Good stuff.
Here is how to do it!
And here is me (or rather, my hand) trying it out on my left side, on the rainiest day of the year no less! Some advice with making the feather shape, use a pen or a dotting tool for a better turnout.
In the end, the goal with nail art is to have fun so use your own imagination to make some “Neverland worthy” additions. If you give it a try, make sure to share with me on Snapchat or Instagram. It will make my whole day I assure you!
Have a magical weekend!

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