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TGIF people!

I am so excited that the weekend is here, my house isn’t a total wreck, and the weather has been bearable enough to take Baloo out on the weekends! Looking forward to a morning at the park with her tomorrow.

As a few of you know, we are moving back to Portland in a few months and some of you have been asking about our experience with apartment hunting. I will make sure to answer those questions and talk about it in a post soon but for now we have to keep it somewhat private until we have our plans set in stone. Just know that I am holding onto them to answer at a later date, now on to todays news!

One of my favorite small shops Happily Ever Tees has a Beauty And The Beast collection coming out on Tuesday February 28th and Nicole was nice enough to let me share my favorite tee from the collection a little early in celebration of the launch. The BATB hype is so real right now! Belle was obviously a childhood favorite and brunette princess icon. There was a solid month of my childhood where all I would wear was off the shoulder gowns that were way too big for me. I know I will be wearing this tee at the theater come March 17th 😉

I chose the “If it’s not baroque dont fix it” v-neck in yellow (duh!) and ordered a size up so that it would be extra comfy for park visits in the summer heat. Seriously nothing worse than clothes that are to tight in the California sunshine or Florida humidity.

Outfit Details: BATB Tee/ Denim (size down!)/ Necktie/ Belle Coffee Pin

Part of what I loved about this tee was how subtle the reference was! Cogsworth and Lumiere are some of the best characters and their witty quotes from the original film don’t get nearly enough credit. I also loved the font and the little clock face reference within the “O” of the word don’t.
the west wing

I have seen so many cute ways to wear a bandana lately on Pinterest and wanted to give the trend a try so I paired this red one (they are so cheap!) with the tee and added my favorite Belle pin to finish it off. I have SO many disney pins and this was such an easy way to wear one, I think I will be trying it out in the parks for sure! My favorite method to showcase pins it still on overalls, but this way is definitely a little less heavy.

Details: BATB TeeNecktieBelle Coffee Pin

Here are all the details on the stock!

Where to shop:

What time: 7pm EST (west coasters, thats 4pm)

My tips: This stock is large so don’t panic but do be swift about what tee designs you want and know your size ahead of time. Tees ordered in the US will arrive to your house in time for you to wear it at the film premiere. Also, set an alarm to remind you to shop on time, haha!

cartoons & comics beauty and the beast

Have a magical weekend dreaming of far off places! I have linked some fun BATB things below to get you in the BATB spirit.

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