Tsum-Tsum Storage Ideas

Disney Tsum-Tsums have taken stuffed plush collecting to a whole new level. Type in the term “Tsum-Tsum” onto Instagram or Google and see what comes up, you will immediately get what I’m talking about. A slurry of accounts and pictures of enormous collections will pop up. The truth is Disney fans are whole-heartedly obsessed with the little stuffed characters! 

But like any collectible the real question is, once you have them how do you store and display them? 

I am of the mind set that no matter how “valuable” a certain collectible is, it is worthless unless it is displayed for others to enjoy. Thats the whole point of collecting. For us, we intentionally pick out a space or have a system before we start collecting something. If we didn’t at least try to do this we would have Funkos, Vinylmations, Tsum Tsums, Posters, and Pins all over every inch our entire house. 

My point? Storage is everything.

Today we are just focusing on Tsums (the stuffed kind, not vinyl) but if you would like this turned into a series, let me know in the comments of this post. 

Idea #1: A Floor Basket

I saw this idea on Pinterest and thought it was such a good one for someone who doesn’t have a ton of wall space to dedicate to their Tsum-Tsum collection. I couldn’t find the original source of this idea but I am assuming it originated at a Disney Store. You can use some filler in the bottom of the basket and use cardboard dividers to sort them by color, film, or theme. 

Basket (personally I have the one pictured at home, love it!)/ Idea Origin 

Idea #2: A Mesh Shelving Unit

For an inexpensive way to display a large collection, use a wire shelf! These are more cost effective than investing in a full blown display case and are oh-so cute. It’s almost like they were designed for this purpose.  

Circle Shelf (on sale!)/ Idea Origin 

Idea #3: Wall Cubes

Wall cubes are a great way to display your Tsums and stack without too much commitment. The cubes (or other shapes) are compact and take up very little wall or shelf space. Perfect for the person not looking to collect too many, and someone who doesn’t want the whole stack falling down.

Wall Shelves/ Idea Origin

Idea #4: A Mini Greenhouse

I personally think this idea is SO creative and cute! You could even place them back to back to see all the faces if you have a truly large collection.

Mini Greenhouse/ Idea Origin

I hope these sparked a storage idea for your own “Tsum-Stash” at home! If you have a great idea that I didn’t mention, make sure to leave it in the comments below so others can try it out. 

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