5 Ways To Step Up Your Disney Plant Game

In an attempt to freshen up the apartment I have decided plants are 100%  necessary and deserve a spot in every inch of our space. I can’t get enough greens and after a few trips to home depot I decided that some of the plants might be better suited in a “disney-fied” pot or planter instead of the plastic thing they came in. 
I will be sharing a few DIY planter ideas this spring, but to get the creative juices flowing here are 5 ideas that will step up your Disney plant game and have your coworkers and roommates doing a double take.
1. Lego Minifigure Update
When Lego announced a partnership with Disney there was so much hype that broke out, especially surrounding the minifigures. Like many Disney fans, I aquired a bunch of them but couldn’t really find a “spot” for them in my house despite how cute they were. When I watched this recent Ingrid Nielsen video, I noticed she put a lego minifigure in a succulent planter on her coffee table and it looked so cute!!
I stuck my dude Donald Duck in a succulent on my vanity and I love how it turned out!
2. Inside Out “Emotions” Garden
I love a good shelf theme and this DIY “Inside Out” planter set idea is way too good! Grab some emotional mugs and head over to Disney Style to give this one a try. 
3. Cheshire Cat Pot Clip
I particularly like this idea because its such an easy way to add some subtle disney flair. Plants and flowers often remind me of Wonderland and this Cheshire Cat pot topper is just adorable within some greenery. If he looks familiar, it’s because he was designed by Jim Shore who makes the best wooden figurines. Check out this Mrs. Potts and Chip set by him!
4. Winnie The Pooh Carnation Planters
These Pooh themed carnation planters by Disney Family would look so cute in any garden or on a porch, the “Hunny” one is particularly darling. Full instructions linked here!
5. Character Terrarium
This Mickey and Minnie terrarium idea is amazing in every way, and the floral hidden Mickey in the middle kills me. Learn how to make this one over here, the original post was inspired by the EPCOT flower and garden festival. 
Hope this sprouts an idea for those of you with green thumbs!

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