Toy Story Gift Guide

Today the theme is Toy Story and I couldn’t be more excited to share this one. Cameron loves this film series so I come back to this theme for ideas every year! What’s great about Toy Story is that there have been multiple sequels, providing a ton of different characters to choose from.
Weather you like Buzz, Woody, The Little Green Men, or Slink you are sure to find something fun below. A lot of these items are inexpensive as well which makes this gift guide excellent for finding a gift under fifty dollars.
Slinky Dog: You guys, this is a real life Slink in retro packaging. How cute would this be on a shelf for the ultimate toy story fan?! The best part? It’s under twenty dollars.
Little Green Men Beanie: Adorable! I love the little green men on anything but the pattern on this beanie really makes them extra cute. I love the little pom pom adorning the top.
Toy Story Moleskine Journal: When Moleskine collaborated with Pixar to make these journals, I knew I needed one. The hand drawn element is so adorable and Moleskine journals are super high quality. Such a great stocking stuffer!
Buzz Worthy Tee: This shirt is so great, for so many reasons but the best part is that it’s from Forever 21 so its super inexpensive.
Vans Sneakers: Toy Story for Vans is another great product collaboration that happened this year. There are so many great patterns to choose from but the “Woody” one is my favorite. An added little detail is that they say “Andy” on the bottom of one side. So perfect!
See you guys tomorrow for another round!

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