Little Mermaid Gift Guide

It’s about time I do a gift guide based around one of my favorites, The Little Mermaid!
I love this film. Its main character is even in my blog title, so obviously i’m in love with everything on this list and own a few of the items myself. If you know someone who loves this Disney film or even mermaids in general, these things are for them!
Life is the bubbles, am I right?
Follow Your Dreams Bangle: I have this bangle and I love it! Such a cute little token to adorn your wrist with. There is even an itty bitty flounder on it.
Nail Color: this glittery nail polish screams “MERMAID” to me, also nail polish makes the best stocking stuffer.
Mermaid Beanie: I am wearing this hat in the picture below this post and I proudly wear it all winter long! I think its so fun to have such a tropical theme to a winter hat and the color scheme just kills me. Currently the company that makes this hat doesn’t have any more of these in stock right now, but they have a ton of other cute Disney items that are worth a gander.
Purple Sneakers/ How fun for a RunDisney marathon or 10K!
Sebastian Pouch/ Sass Master Sebastian makes this pouch so fun, I mean….just look at him. I feel like we can all relate to this little red crab when we get cranky. Ya feel? 
Sea Shell Phone Case/ Sonix cases are my favorite (another great stocking stuffer!) and this shell print one is so fun, plus the shimmery-ness of it makes it extra magical.
See you guys tomorrow for another Disney gift guide! If you aren’t caught up, I have all the other ones linked for you below. Happy gift hunting!

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