Steamboat Willie Gift Guide

Hey-O, welcome to another gift guide! 
Todays isn’t just for people who love the classic Mickey Mouse short “Steamboat Willie” but its for those who love simple, classic style. Black and white films, a great watch to wear every day, shoes that get better with each wear. 
Know someone like that? Great! Here are a few ideas for them, and for those who love some classic mouse.
Black Watch: This is such a great gift, I can’t even emphasize that enough. A watch is perfect for anyone…who has a wrist. The black band is so neutral, and worst comes to worst they have good amount (99$) of exchange money if that particular watch doesn’t strike their fancy and they would prefer something yellow/green/polka dotted.
Steamboat Willie Statue: for the ultimate fan, this would look so cute in an office!
Mug: Remember me mentioning classics? well mugs are, classic! Everyone likes them, because most people drink coffee/tea.
Ornament: Like the statue, but with a little less commitment 😉
Black And White Stripe Earrings: A little trendy, but so cute and versatile for every season.
Plaid Shirt: I think flannels and plaids are always a good investment (they double as a jacket in certain situations) and a black and white one would go with so many things. If you want something thats black on white instead of the one pictured, they have that too!
Like I said..classic gifts for classic folks.
See you guys tomorrow at 6am (pst) for another Disney gift guide!

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