Alice In Wonderland Gift Guide

Clock PurseMad Hatter RingAlice In Wonderland Ears / Glitter Tea Spoons

Alice In Wonderland Ears/ Doorknob/ Cheshire Cat Socks

What season is it? The season of gift giving! Wave hellooooo to the holidays!

This is my third year doing gift guides and each year prior I never really felt confident making them because I felt grossly unqualified to tell you guys what to buy for you husband, children, best friends, etc. Relationships are super personal and what works for one person most likely won’t work for another, duh!

But if there is one thing I know and know well, its Disney films and Disney fashion. So instead of sorting gift guides by person, this year I’m making suggestions based on films. If you know someone who loves Alice In Wonderland, today is for them! 🙂 My good friend Rachel is deeply obsessed with this classic film and instantly chatted me when she spotted this on my snapchat.

NOTE: This guide may here be known casually as Natalie’s guide to what Rachel Lind wants for Christmas. Take note Lind family members 😉

I hope you guys like this format and its easier for you to spot something special for the Disney fan in your life. I have some really fun themes coming up, and there will be a new post here every day (6am PST) in December so be sure to check back to see what the theme is tomorrow.

Without further ado, lets take a trip down the rabbit hole for some Alice themed gifts!

Clock Purse: Novelty purses are a great gift because they are truly something the recipient wouldn’t go out of their way to buy! Usually people stick to “safe” neutral bags when buying for themselves which makes this clock purse a fun and unexpected gift to receive.

Mad Hatter Ring: The perfect little stocking stuffer! Attach to a box of the recipients favorite tea to complete the gift.

Alice In Wonderland Ears: I have seen these in the park 3000+ times and they never stood out to me, until now. I think these would be such a great gift to any park fan, and would look so cute with a colorful sweater.

Glitter Tea Spoons: These are the cutest! I think these acrylic tea spoons are an adorable hostess gift to give even if you don’t love Alice 🙂

Alice and Delilah Flats: How cute! These are for the truly devoted Alice fan!

Doorknob: The perfect gift for someone that loves this film, imagine having one of these on one of the doors in your house!

Cheshire Cat Socks: Another great stocking stuffer, these are perfect.

See you guys tomorrow for another Disney gift guide!

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