What To Pack For 24 Hours in Disneyland

This past weekend I had the opportunity to go to Disneyland…but just for 24 hours! And while I like to consider myself just knowledgeable enough to know what to pack for a trip to Disney, the short time window and limited space presented a challenge. 
Here is what I brought for 6 hours in transit, and two-ish days of park time!
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If you pack one thing for any trip to a Disney Park, let it be a flannel in lieu of a full blown jacket or coat. You can tie it around your waist during the day, and quickly put it on in the air conditioning or at night. Every trip that I packed a flannel I was so grateful that I did. 
Old Navy has the best selection!
Jean Shorts:
What more can I say? Bring a pair of comfy denim….or just pack some pants. You know, so you aren’t naked.
I feel like this suggestion sparks a debate with some park goers who claim that birks just aren’t comfortable enough to wear for the whole day in the park. But for me, they work great! They are easy to take off in security and I never have problems walking in them for hours on end. Just make sure that they are well worn in before you pack them. Super important detail!
Tennis Shoes:
Also very obvious, anything thats not a pair of flat bottom converse will work well.
Giant/Durable Tote Bag:
For this trip, I needed something that was big enough to hold extra space for gifts I picked up in the park since I went during the holidays. This Hayden Reis tote is my go to giant tote bag and its made of sailcloth so its super durable and stain resistant.
I have had it for almost two years and it still looks brand new.
Crossbody Bag:
A small cross body bag that can handle the essentials is key to a great park day. 
You want something light enough to “feel” handsfree but something big enough to carry everything you need. Since I carry around filming equipment in the park, this Harvey’s cross body tote is just big enough to meet my needs without being oversized and bulky. If you need something slimmer for just your wallet and phone, they also carry a crossbody wallet that’s perfect for that.
Ipad with Keyboard Case:
This keyboard case is a recent acquisition of mine and it is SO superior to traveling with a laptop on quick trips. the keyboard is sturdy but thin, I can’t recommend it enough! 
Extra Credit:
Sunglasses/ Duh, the sunshine state. These are my faves.
Baseball Hat/ See above reasoning πŸ˜‰
Pillow Pet or Stuffed Animal/ doubles as a pillow, but more fun! The cheshire cat one is sold out in the parks but can be found here, and the dumbo tsum-tsum can be found here.
I hope you all have the best Thanksgiving! 
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