5 Healthy Hacks at Disneyland

Have you ever been sick or not felt your best at Disneyland or Disney World? It is the absolute worst. 

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Have you not felt your best at Disneyland or Disney World? It is the absolute worst.

For my 18th birthday we took a weeklong trip to Disneyland that ended in me feeling less than my best and it was the biggest struggle. Not only was it my birthday, but I felt not my best on every ride and was the slowest version of myself.

Not ideal, I assure you.

Today I come to you with my 5 tips for feeling your best and staying healthy during your Disney trip!

1. Pack vitamins (Multi, Vitamin C)- Vitamins are a great way to integrate a mini “health” routine into your trip and feel your best during a long park day. As a kid (read: still a kid at heart, but an adult in form) I used to love gummy vitamins. It’s the perfect excuse to eat what tastes like candy! Since everything at Disney is maximum fun, I think that should extend to the vitamins that I pack as well.

I grabbed some Sundown Naturals® gummy vitamins at Walmart to pack for my trip in two weeks and they taste awesome. This particular brand is gluten free, dairy free, and artificial flavor free which is extra great. I picked a multivitamin for overall wellness and a vitamin C to boost my immune system, but you can see what vitamins may be best for you by taking a short quiz here with a coupon attached at the end!
2. On a multi-day trip bring “just in case” medicine like Ibuprofen and Advil-

Just in case you feel sick or sore from walking (!!!!), pack medicine like Advil to have in your hotel room or on your person. Disney charges a premium for medicine in the gift shop, so prepare ahead of time. One person can be the designated packer for this and the whole group will be thankful just in case someone gets sick.

3. Pack hand sanitizer, wipes, and Kleenex-

Pack your bag or fanny pack with hand sanitizer, wipes if you have little ones, and Kleenex. While the best thing to do is to wash your hands at a bathroom in the park, the next best thing is having some sanitizer in a pinch. Single/mini packs of all these things should be available at your local Walmart to save some space.

Wipes are also great for feeling better in the middle of the day when you are oh-so-sweaty and tired!

There is a whole post on what I pack for Disneyland that can be found here!

4. Drink water, its free!-

It always surprises me when someone doesn’t know this but just in case you don’t the water is always F-R-E-E at Disney Parks. Head to a food service counter, ask at a Starbucks, or fill your own personal bottle at a water fountain. Staying hydrated is the best tip I can give you for feeling great while at the parks!

5. Wear sunscreen, because sunburns are the worst-

You know what’s worse than feeling less than your best? Feeling that way AND being sunburned. Protect your skin, wear a hat, and load up on sunscreen to stay happy and healthy.

All of these things should keep you feeling happy and healthy on your next Disney vacation!

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