Formula X Review: #SystemAddict

Hello Everyone! Long time no talk, er…blog.
I have been a little MIA and took an extended trip to Florida (more on that soon!) but now leaves are falling, PSL’s are amok, and I am back at the computer and ready to write again. Like literally everyone, Autumn is my absolute favorite season. One thing that I turn back to every fall is painting my own nails, which is something I often forgo in the summer. Maybe its that I would rather hop into a salon, and be back outside in 20 minutes in the summer but I systematically turn to my nail polish stash every September. 
Sephora sent me their new Formula X System to test out for you all, and I couldn’t think of a better time to give it a try. I pulled out my favorite “early fall” nail color, and gave it a try. Here are a few thoughts.
From Right to Left: Cleanser/ Basecoat/ Nail Color/ Top Coat
Before I could paint anything, I had to remove the old polish! I had a deep grape on my nails, and the remover did an amazing job of erasing it. Really cute packaging, super easy use, but I must say I dont know that I would pay for the convenience of sponge removal over a bottle.
Seriously quick removal, now on to the polish!
The first step was to use “cleanser” on the nail in preparation for base coat. This concept was super new to me, I have never primed my nails to be primed and usually I dont have the desire to add an extra step. Overall I don’t know how effective this was, but it was easy peasy to apply. Oh, and it smelled great…which is strange for a nail product.
The base coat was like any other base coat, but the application brush was the real MVP. One to two swipes was enough to cover each nail.
All the steps seemed to work well together, and resulted in “gel like” nail coverage as promised on the packaging. Time will tell if it holds up like gel polish, so stay tuned on Snapchat the next few days for chip reports 😉 Overall, I’m pretty impressed with the result and this topcoat is my new favorite!
Special thanks to Sephora for sponsoring this post! 
Happy Thursday Friends!
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