Hanging Cafe Lights (While Renting!)

I have long admired the look of Cafè Lights incorporated in home decor ideas all across Pinterest, but as a 21 year old student my rental situation doesn’t leave much room for installing lighting. 
Usually we are at home our apartment in our college town and have been there for 2 years now, but Cameron got an Internship offer this spring that made us pack up and move closer to his job for the past three months. Tricky stuff, I hate packing and moving…but thats a whole other story. 
Like I mentioned, our current situation is super temporary and involves all of our stuff in just one room so upon receiving these Cafè Lights, I had to get super creative on how to hang them. I needed something supportive enough for the lights to stay up, but light enough to not leave much damage behind when we move back home. 
I managed to hang these lights with just three nails and a clamp, but I think command strips would have worked equally well if you wanted to be truly damage free. These particular cafe lights were better for this style of hanging because the top of the light allowed for flexible hanging options. There is a hole to hang by nail, hook, or even a zip tie!
Our little pup Baloo is always “lending a hand” or getting in the way, hah 😉
Overall, we love having these lights up! Especially considering that our situation is so temporary. I start to get stressed out when I’m unpacking, moving, or I can’t find something because our home is split in two. So having something up on the wall “just for fun” makes our room feel more like a fort and less like a cramped tiny spot for a busy season of our lives!
Watch how we installed them in the Youtube video below if you are curious, It took maybe ten minutes total! Everything used or pictured is linked in the description as well, and you can enter to win your own set of Cafe lights in the giveaway widget below!

This post was sponsored by Jasco a brand I truly enjoyed trying out and styling! Thank you for supporting the brands that make Ariel and Alder a possibility.

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