Arabian Lights

I love candles, which is obvious if you step into my home.

I put them on my desk, on our coffee table, dinner table, in the kitchen, on the bathroom counters, basically anywhere that has counter space. A good scented candle with equally cute packaging is a win/win in my book because you can use the container for organizational storage long after the wax is gone.

Northern Lights reached out to me to share some of their fragranced candles and as a candle nut I was thrilled to try them out. Naturally I thought I would share them with a Disney twist, and these two collections (Vintage Opal and and Jubilee) screamed “Princess Jasmine” in both color and detail.

This little candle is one of my favorites, It comes in a beautiful mercury glass container with a Moroccan detailed lid. So so cute and perfect for a boho bedroom or bathroom.

I love the three paired together, you get a beautiful blue hue when combined and the fragrances actually pair pretty well together. 

Tropical Lagoon/ Waterfall Mist/ White Pepper and Lemon Zest

I have linked all the Jasmine colored candles above for you guys to browse, I think #candlebounding needs to be a thing from now on 🙂


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