Fine Jewelry Trends // Heroes vs. Villans

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When you traditionally think of fine jewelry you think first of two categories, “stuff your grandma would wear” and engagement rings. Mental images of stiff set precious stones in repetitive patterns come to mind. 

As a young person, this pretty much summed up what I thought of fine jewelry. Until the other day when I was in the jewelry store with my mom and I spotted a set of diamond stacking rings that I loved and realized that trends are truly spread everywhere in retail. If something is popular enough in high end it trickles down to low end and vice versa. A great example of this is the “halo engagement ring” that has been all over Pinterest the last few years. 

Jewelry is an undeniably fun way to express your personal style, which is why I was intrigued to come across JCK

What is it? No worries, I hadn’t heard of it either!

Imagine if everyone within the fine jewelry industry were in a room discussing what was next for the season ahead, this is what JCK does but in editorial form. They declare themselves “The Jewelry Industry Authority” and it is really true, new jewelry designers and trends get discovered each year through them. Brands like Alex and Ani (my personal fave!), Pandora, Fossil, and Tacori are just a few from JCK that we see everyday in major malls and retailers.

Pretty cool right? A lot goes on behind the scenes that as consumers we don’t know about!

Because this is a Disney related blog and I’m Disney themed type of girl 😉 I thought the best way to organize this post would be to highlight some of my favorite trends with the help of a few of my favorite heroes and villans! If you are familiar with Disneybounding, some of these pieces would make great additions to your character themed outfit! 

Starting with my favorite princess and go-to mermaid, Ariel!  

The collapsing waves on this cuff by Doryn Wallach made me think of Ariels signature green tail. This cuff is so simple yet shapely, which is great when looking for a piece that can go with anything. Geometric is definitely one of my favorite all time trends and the diamonds add a unique touch.

When I saw the color of these earrings (also geometric!) Elsa was the only thing that came to mind. The bold, blocky shape of these is not for everyone, but the color is versatile.


Topsy Turvy! The medallions that balance on this Necklace by Fern Freeman are reminiscent of the ones that dance along Esmereldas gypsy skirt. The industrial arts trend is another one of my favorites and I love the mixed metals within this piece.

On to the villans! When I saw this necklace from the “Exotic Journey” trend, I immediately thought of Jafars signature hat! This necklace really is the perfect shape for an outfit inspired by him and I thought the exotic trend was so fitting.


Hades is straight up wicked, and so is this necklace. The sharp ends and hard shape really reminded me of his Grecian robes and this piece would quickly turn into a daily wear for me. Its another good one from the “Industrial Arts” category!


Have you ever seen something so Ursula in your life!? These earrings are from the “Modern Pearl” trend and the extending arms are so tentacle-esque and eerie. Definitely not your grandmas pearls, unless your grandmother was part purple sea witch.

All and all, Geometrics and Industrial Arts were my two favorite trends from JCK this season. For more info on these pieces and JCK in general, you can check out Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter!

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