Baloos Favorite Things

Its been a full month with our puppy Baloo and we are so in love with her! She is such a sweet companion and now that the hard part of training is done we have been really enjoying our playtime with her. She has a few favorite things that I thought I would share!
Stuffed Ewok Squeaker/ Baloo loves stuffed animal toys which makes me so happy, this one is one of her favorites. Growing up I had a black lab who loved nothing but tennis balls which aren’t the “most fun” toy to buy at the Pet Store. This particular Ewok is from the Star Wars collaboration at Petco and we have a really hard time not buying at least one new Star Wars toy each time are in store. The whole collection is great for any fan, I will be doing a more thorough post on some of our favorites.
Cuddler Dog Bed/ We picked one of these up (the brand we selected was called “haven”) and Baloo loves snuggling in it. When we brought her home we weren’t sure what kind of dog bed she would like, so she just had a crate mat and a blanket to snuggle with at night. Major upgrade for her to switch to this one, she loves it!
Stick Treat Toys/ Baloo loves real sticks and anything stick shaped, so a toy that is stick shaped but also serves as a treat vessel is awesome!
Newman’s Own Dog Treats/ We love these! Baloo thinks they are super tasty and they have simple ingredients in them which makes us feel great about giving them to her. Win, win!
Pink Kong Toy/ I couldn’t resist when I saw that Kong made pink and blue toys for little puppies. Since Baloo comes into the office with me Monday- Friday these are great for keeping her busy for a few hours. Usually I freeze some nut butter in the front of the Kong so that she has to work to get the treats out of the back. Kong also makes an “easy cheese-like” substance that you can spray directly into the toy but I am still unsure of how healthy it is.
And although she loves all the things listed above, naps are still her absolute favorite 😉 
You can shop everything I mentioned in the widget below, hope your week is off to a great start!
xo, Natalie

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