Meet Baloo!

We adopted a dog! Her name is Baloo, she is so so sweet and we already love her. All of the details about how and why we got her, her age, how we are training her, what she likes, and other info is below the photos in this post. We are learning so much everyday and are loving every minute of being new dog owners. This is something we have wanted to take the plunge on for a long time, and now we don’t know how we ever lived without her.

Welcome home Baloo, we are so in love with you!

Name: Baloo! We named her after one of our favorite characters in The Jungle Book. We considered a few Disney names before coming to a quick unanimous decision. We saw the live action re-make of the film the weekend before we got her, so Bill Murray’s performance as Baloo sealed the deal for us. Her nicknames are Balooberry and Loo!

Age: 3 months, 6 Days
Adoption Story: We had been looking into adopting a puppy for about 6 months and Cameron was really passionate about not going through a breeder, If you have been through this sort of thing before you know that you have to check the humane society listings often and move fast. We had lost a few puppies to other families in the process and just when we thought we were going to give up Baloo became available. We dropped what we were doing on a Monday night and ran to meet her. It took us ten minutes to fall in love with her shy and sweet demeanor, and after that she was officially ours. 
In the end I am glad I trusted Camerons judgement and decided to go with a shelter dog, so many people surrender their pets and litters of puppies and kittens. Through all of this we met so many sweet dogs that deserve loving homes, I would recommend checking your local shelters to see if there is a fit for your family and lifestyle before going to a breeder. A dog is a dog in the end, but we felt better knowing that the money we spent on her was going towards helping other dogs find homes. 
Breed: Honestly, no clue! We know that her face markings indicate a German Shepard, and she is definitely part Lab, but the other day we heard her bark and think there might be some hound in her as well! We might get her DNA tested so that we can talk to our vet about her breed specific needs but otherwise we kind of like what a unique mutt she is!
Likes: Her chew toys, new bear toy, puppy playtime, walking, laying on the couch with us, her kennel, going for car rides, playing in the park, and these treats!
Training: With all the literature we read beforehand, we armed our house with we-we pads and are shocked that she hasn’t had an accident inside the house!! Its like she bizarrely came to us already potty trained to go outside and we think it might have something to do with living in the shelter. Chewing is a 50/50 problem with her but her new teeth are coming in so we bought her extra chew toys and some bitter apple spray for the stuff she needs to stay away from. Overall she gets better everyday, more social, less shy, and is able to sit on command now. We are thankful because it could be a lot worse and cant wait to start her official training classes.
I will be posting more about her on the blog since she is such a big part of our lives now! Feel free to ask any puppy questions or just connect with us regarding your own dog. Our favorite part of this whole process has been meeting with so many dog owners in our area πŸ™‚
If you want to keep up with Baloo, you can follow her on Instagram (@baloo.the.pup) or add me on Snapchat. I post videos and photos all the time since we are so obsessed with her!
xo, Natalie

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