Embroidery On The Go

A ton of you have asked questions about my hand embroidery habit so I have some great posts lined up with all those answers. Stay tuned within the next few weeks for more about stitching, but for now here is what I use to embroider on the road!
I explained this on Snapchat last week, but one of my embroidery hoops takes up to 90 Hours! It depends on the design itself but in order to embroider and well….have a life (!!) I need to be able to utilize my time and do it on the go. I stitch in the car, on planes, in waiting rooms, and even occasionally at Disneyland if the lines are too insane. Portability is key which is part of why I latched on so hard to this craft when I started. 
I fit the “essentials” into this palm leaf crossbody bag (c/o), which at just under 40$ was a steal for how perfectly it fits everything. It looks really adorable with pretty much anything (aka I’m not embarrassed wearing it out in public like other crafting bags) and is overall pretty sturdy.
I love it! Here is a peek at whats inside:
Scissors! A must have with stitching anything, you can buy fancy embroidery specific ones but these ones from Target have suited me well and the bag I use is deep enough to house them. When I am in Disneyland or at the airport and I have to keep security measures in mind, I use these safety scissors!
I have really enjoyed adding a few patches and pins to my little bag, the palm print canvas is perfect for it! I added a “Star Tours” tag from Disneyland this past trip and a Marvel Collector Corps patch from last months box.
I keep my thread in a color sorted thread box that cost me about two dollars from my local craft store. This big box slides just perfectly into this bag and I feel like its some sort of small convenient miracle that it worked out do perfect. When I need to really cut down on space, I just take the colors that I know I will need that day and then pop them back into place later on.
I also keep this pouch (same sizing match, fits right into the bag next to the box!) full of raw hoops, plain white fabric, and fabric swatches for #NataliesHiddenHoops
Pretty simple, but having a organized bag that I love for this hobby really makes me happy to keep doing it. I always have what I need and I’m never without something to work on. 
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