DIY Hidden Mickey Cactus Garden

Working on embroidery projects kicked me back into the crafting mood and I have some fun DIY content to share with you guys this summer, starting with this easy planter project! 
I originally saw this idea for a cactus garden made of rocks on Pinterest and instantly thought about how fun it would be to have one with a “Hidden Mickey” in it! I love searching for hidden mickeys in Disneyland and Disney World so having a few hidden at home is right up my alley. 
Since its always a little more clear to show you how I made this instead of just telling you, I made a how-to video on my Youtube channel
Click here to watch!
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You will need:
-Ceramic Pot
-White Paint or White Nail Polish
-Hot Glue Gun
Mod Podge or Sealant 
-Scrap Paper
I have linked the video for you below! I am making a solid second attempt at more video content since I failed post-new years resolution, Ha! I will be adding more and more to my channel as I craft (hopefully!).

Let me know if you try this one out! 
xo, Natalie

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