Captain America Civil War Unboxing

Remember that Star Wars subscription box from Funko I talked about a few weeks ago? Well Funko reached out to ask if I would be interested in the Marvel version of the box to share with you guys, to which I replied “Heck YES!”
My dad is the biggest comic book fan! There was seriously a point in my life where his collection filled up a good portion of the garage, so its safe to say that even though Marvel isn’t usually my favorite (its third next to Disney and Star Wars) I’m super familiar with the storylines and characters. Growing up with a Marvel parent has me especially up to date on the topic of superheroes fighting other superheroes. My brother and dad used to argue these hypothetical topics over and over again at our dinner table. Hulk beats Iron Man, Spiderman out tricks Ant Man, and The Flash…well you didn’t even see him in the first place.
“Captain America: Civil War” comes out this weekend and there is tons of hype surrounding this film. I am excited to see it for myself and will be hitting up a screening in Portland to do so with a bunch of other local nerds. The Funko box theme this month was centered around the films release and it has me psyched for the movie. The goodies inside were all interesting, but the Captain/Iron Man figurine set is the golden goose of the whole box. 
PS: Next month is “Women Of Power” and I couldn’t be more stoked!! You can sign up for the box here, I will be sure to unbox that one on Snapchat when it arrives!
A very handy lanyard, for pin collecting!
Super excited to see Black Panther in a Marvel film!!
And in case you were wondering, I’m #TeamCap hands down! Not a huge fan of Tony Stark.
Have a great weekend!! And if you see the film, share your thoughts in the comments below.
xo, Natalie
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