What To Pack For A Day At Disneyland

A question I have received a ton on Instagram and Snapchat is: 
“Hey! I am going to Disney for X amount of time. What should I do and what should I bring?”
Well in terms of things to do you can always refer to my Travel Guide, I update it after every trip with some of my favorites! As to the packing, preparation, and purse stashing. Here is what I bring with me on a typical park day!
I used to carry a small cross body bag for park days (this one is perfect if you need one! I still love it for games, concerts, and other events.) but since I hated having so much on my neck and shoulders last trip, I decided to invest in this fanny pack. It holds way more and doesn’t seem to get in the way!
Results will be shared once I have worn it in this next week, but so far I love it! Plus its an equally cute way to display Disney pins. My usual way to add flair is on a lanyard or a pair of overalls.
And the hoops that I carry with me are for #natalieshiddenhoops
I usually am fine with paying for the high priced food in Disney (its usually worth what you spend in my opinion) but I do make sure to pack a few granola bars for lines. I can’t tell you how many times I falsely assessed a rides wait time only to find myself too far in to get out and absolutely starving. 
The other reason granola bars and dry packaged foods are the only food I pack is that I usually come to the park from Portland and flying with snacks is a whole other game that I do not wish to play. I try to keep it simple which is why I have been loving these Square bars so much!
-Doesn’t Taste Like Powder
-Gluten Free in case I need to hand one out
– Packs Protein 
But most of all: Doesn’t get gross sitting in my purse! 
Same goes for these nutter butter packets from Wild Friends, they saved us so many times last trip without leaking. My boyfriend Cameron gets immensely hungry all of a sudden sometimes so these were great to have in line. 
My most favorite thing that I picked up last trip, this Marie mirror! I loved the Aristocats as a kid so this was a must have in my book, plus the mirror is occasionally handy.
This trip I have a birthday day built in so I threw in my Birthday button to bring along. You can pick these up at the park! I wrote a blog post all about where to snag them and other great freebies you can pick up in the park.
As many of you know from Instagram, I carry miniature hoops with me to hide for followers (#natalieshiddenhoops) in the park! To find out how to get one in real time, you can follow me on Snapchat and Twitter where I share the location and exact drop time.
I love seeing where they end up, so if you find one be sure to tag me and use #NataliesHiddenHoops to share your hoop with other folks who have found one! 
Other Great Ideas: 
-Sunscreen (I love this brand)
-Ibuprofen or Advil (lots and lots of soreness from walking)
-Fit Bit (I have the Charge HR)
A lot of these aren’t pictured here because they are included in the “Minimergency” Kit that I carry around! It’s the best ever!
Be prepared and your trip is sure to be magical! Any other ideas? What so you carry around with you in a Disney park?

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