Cantina Unboxing

Long time no talk! I took a little blogging break for spring break (we went to SF, then Disneyland!), but now I am back with some usual postings and more details about my trip. I will go into more detail about what we did, where we stayed, and what I would do differently within the next few weeks but what I came home to is the focus of today’s post! 
PS. I have received quite a few emails and comments asking me about advice for going to Disney Parks. If this is something you would be more interested in as a reader, please send comment or send me any questions you may have and I will make sure to address them 🙂 As always, some of my park favorites can be found on my Travel Guide! I update it with regularly with new discoveries. 
Moving on, I came home tired, sunburned, and in need of a nap after an eventful trip. I also came home to find a Star Wars “Smugglers Bounty” package from Funko in my mailbox! I will be receiving one periodically as an ambassador for the subscription program; this was my first one and I was so excited to see what was inside!

Cameron and I have been casually collecting various Disney and Star Wars Funko vinyl figures for our house, but awaiting a box every few months has upped our excitement levels for sure! Each vinyl  figure inside is exclusive to the box and can’t be purchased without a subscription. 
We ordered a medium size for the T-shirts so that we could take turns keeping them; if one person liked a design more than the other, then they keep the shirt. This one was not one of my favorites, but luckily Cam loved it, so the shirt this month goes to him!
The two figures this month were Ben Kenobi and Red Snaggletooth, which are cool but a little more obscure than previous ones like Chewbacca. None the less, these figurines are still really really cool. 
By far the cutest thing in the Cantina box was the mini Chewy pen. It is so, so adorable and for sure my favorite item in the entire box.
PS. thanks Ethan for providing the flowers in this post. He brought them over from his garden on Easter and they are the brightest thing in my living room right now! So psyched about the change in weather this year.
You can sign up for smugglers bounty here! Can’t wait to share what comes next in May, we are hooked 🙂
This post was sponsored by Funko, a brand I truly love! Thank you for supporting the brands that make Ariel and Alder a possibility.
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