Everybody Wants To Be A Cat

Adult overalls y’all, they are totally a thing and are back for the summer. Last week a lightning bolt of need struck me and I instantly felt compelled to run to the nearest thrift store in search of a great pair of overalls. Well apparently I wasn’t the only one in search of them because every single Goodwill I went to was 100% sold out. What, since when is the thrift store ever sold out of a traditionally “ugly” or “taboo” item. Just my luck I guess. 
Lucky for me Old Navy thinks they are cute and sells them at a bargain.

Overalls were something I loved as a kid, easy to run around in and totally “personalize-able” if thats even a word. I used to cover mine in thread, patches, and oodles of Disney pins. Which brings me back to another revived 90’s trend I’m really digging this season, enamel pins and flair.
Etsy is a great place to start building your collection if you aren’t familiar with pin collecting/displaying!
“Flair” Examples:

Obviously being the Disney pin hoarder (aficionado?) that I am I have been taking a note from Disney Style and wearing mine according to color and character. I grouped all my Aristocats pins (from 1999!!) when we shot these photos.
Wearing rocking these overalls all day, every day.


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