DIY Disney Character Magnets

Perler beads were what started my addiction to create and craft. In kindergarten I used to make dozens of patterns with these little plastic beads and turn them into coasters for my dads office. The craft itself is simple and easy, but the possibilities are endless. When my nephews picked up interest in Perler beads this summer, I took advantage of this newfound interest and made some cute little Disney and Pixar magnets. They are easy, cheap, and totally adorable.

We keep ours on the office whiteboard and they are great for holding receipts! 
All you need is: 
-Hot Glue Gun
-Perler Beads (just buy the assorted pack!)
-Rectangular perler bead board. 
So that you can try your hand without worrying about pattern creation (which gets easier with practice, trust me!) I have included two templates in the bottom of the post. 
Once you master the layout it becomes pretty easy too look at a pattern and replicate or alter. 
Here are some other pattern/shape ideas to try:
Zazu and Toy Story Alien templates are listed below!
If you decide to try them I would love to see your creations! Tweet me (@arielandalder) or tag me on Instagram (@natalievmurphy) if you decide to show off the final product! 🙂
Headed to the park soon? Be sure to check this out!

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