Disneyland Freebies

The happiest place on earth is oh-so wonderful but also oh-so costly. With ticket prices rising every year every last dollar gets a little stretched when visiting Disneyland. We are planning a trip with our friends for spring break and going over the plans as a group I realized just how many freebies I pick up each visit. Park maps, buttons, stickers are all little things make me feel like I’m picking up itty bitty souvenirs with no cost.
They are so cute!! How can I resist??
1. Park Maps/ various park maps are a great item to take home with you! They can make for really cute wrapping paper and DIY project inspiration (see here, here, and here) but above all the park changes so much over the years that its so fun to look back and see whats different from when you last went.
2. Buena Vista Bugle/ This is a daily newspaper that you can pick up in the entrance of California Adventure aka the “Buena Vista Street” area. The headlines and stories are absolutely adorable and the paper is free of charge.
3. Souvenir Tickets and Magic Bands/ I love the way disneyland tickets look and if you stay at a Disney resort property they usually have your name printed on them. Another thing to save if you are on property is your “key to the magic resort” card!
4. Jungle Cruise Map and Mark Twain Certificate/ You have to ask for these at the individual attraction and they are kind of a rumor, but none the less fun to take home!
5. Bread and Chocolate/ So you read this one and probably checked that you read that right. Yes! DCA has free bread and chocolate samples at Ghirardelli Soda Fountain and Boudin Bakery in the Paradise Pier area of the park. Great to know if you need a quick snack between rides!
6. Celebration Buttons/ The most well known freebie of them all! These are given out for birthdays, on your first trip, for park events, and even just because. You can ask a cast member for one, the hotel, or go to city hall on Main Street and request one!
7. Art Lessons/ Head over to Animation Academy in California Adventure for an in house drawing lesson from a Disney artist, you can keep the work and learn how to draw a Disney character. Super fun for kiddos!
8. Cute Hotel Things/ Coasters, notes, shampoo bottles, pens! It is all fair game for me when I am staying in a resort hotel. One of the benefits of a Disney hotel is the constant yet subtle branding. Everything down to the tile has Mickey ears and integrated character branding. If you are thinking of staying in a Disneyland Resort hotel, I have a dedicated section in my travel guide!

9. Mickey Stickers/ Cast members keep these on hand to hand out throughout the day and it is really magical when you are lucky enough to get one, even if it is just a sticker. Looking to find one and not having luck? Just ask!

10. Fast Passes/ With these you have to keep the “extras” because you actually have to hand them over to cast members in the line queue to redeem them, but they are so so cute for scrapbooks or on a cork board at home.
Did I miss any good ones? I would love to know of more!


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