Healthy Chocolate Chip Cookies

My name is Natalie and I am a cookie-a-holic.
But here is the problem with that, my boyfriend and I also like to try to eat clean and cookies are quite frankly the “uncleanest” of all foods. They are absolutely delicious and absolutely out of the question post holiday season. I am still in a sugar coma from all of the holiday cookies we consumed this year.
This is our favorite recipe for cookies that are dairy free, butter free, white flour free, and don’t contain white sugar. Oh! and they taste amazing, which I didn’t think was even remotely possible. If you are a no-nonsense type of person looking for just the recipe, its at the bottom of this post. 
 we were supremely worried that our friends would mistake them for the “real deal” and spit them out once they realized, but by the end of the night the entire plate was empty and everyone went back for seconds and thirds. Which at first was a major success until I realized there were none left for me during the week!

Here are a few tips with this recipe:

1. This recipe calls for oat flour which is such a great tool for healthy baked goods. But before you go run out to the store to buy it, realize that oat flour is just ground oats. If you have a high powered blender or food processor (I use this one) you can just buy regular oat meal and make your own oat flour super fast.

2. Being exact is extra important in this one, the right consistency and ratio of coconut oil really makes them work well. Make sure you are measuring your coconut oil in liquid form and then allow enough time for the dough to chill to turn it back into solid paste.

3. Substitute dark chocolate chips for milk chocolate chips to make them extra healthy!

4. Use a cookie scoop (like this one, try an ice cream scoop if you don’t have one on hand!) to avoid the oil in the dough melting with the warmth of your hands.

I have the recipe below in a “pin-able” and printable image simply because I rely on Pinterest heavily to keep my own recipes organized. Another tool we have been using to share recipes with each other besides our Pinterest board is this monogramed recipe binder that we keep in our kitchen. We are on a spending freeze before spring break which means no eating out for a whole two months 🙁 The binder is an easy way for us to keep new crockpot recipes that we both liked for future reference!

Happy healthy baking! Let me know if you try this, they are SO good! I have included some of the helpful tools I mentioned in the widget below 🙂


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