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As much as I wish I was someone who had a tree each year with a theme and color scheme, currently I’m just not. I like collecting personal and overall adorable ornaments too much to get it together and have a tree that is ultra coordinated. Here is whats on our tree this year, new and old. 
*Thought I would mention that we went with this artificial tree from Target this year. We will both be out of town for a period of time and it made the most sense for our space and situation*
The newest addition to my ornament stash is this adorable gingerbread man who is accessorized as a disney tourist. Way too cute!! The Mickey ears just kill me. He is from a store that sells little gingerbread men doing all sorts of activities which I will link here. The little scuba diver gingerbread man has to be my second favorite. 
A few monogrammed ones, per usual. The top one is from this shop on Etsy and the lower one is from Pottery Barn.
One of my favorites! From Jonathan Adler. I have a ton of his ornaments including this giraffe and this silver elephant.
My new gingerbread buddy, these cute little santa clips (similar here), and some generic gold orbs that I picked up at the Dollar tree for my mini “room tree” in high school. Bizarrely enough they havent lost any glitter in the 4 years-ish that I have had them.  
Crying toddler (me!) Santa picture, pretty standard πŸ™‚
My parents did elf on the shelf before it was cool, ha! This was my elf that my mom picked up from an antique store when I was little.
Another vintage find from a local goodwill in high school
My glass ballerina from childhood (freaks me out to store and own this one, so beautiful but I’m always scared of it shattering),  a mini stocking that Cameron made as a little kid, and a 2014 Starbucks red cup which I snag every year. 
A jungle cruise nutcracker that we picked up this year!
2015 red cup, there are tons of these all over my tree which alerts me to what a severe coffee problem I have.
And finally, lord Vader. Which was contributed by Cameron this year. 
Oh what fun! I have asked once but I might as well ask again, whats your favorite ornament on your own tree?

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